• Here is a brief description of the units that will be covered in Health 10.

    Intro to Health:

    Students will take a look at how to make good decisions and how to set goals to have a happy and healthy life. They will learn about the health triangle and how to maintain all aspects of it.


    Mental Health:

                Students will discuss a model of health and wellness that includes all aspects of their lives, such as physical, social, and mental health.  Specifically, some of the topics to be covered are self-esteem, suicide, stress management, grief through the DABDA process.



                Students will look at what it means to be a healthy eater.  We look at nutrition from a lot of different angles so that students learn to make healthy eating choices.  Some topics that may be covered are Nutrients, Dieting, Eating Disorders, and creating a diet plan.





    Lifestyle diseases: 

                Students will explore common lifestyle diseases such as, cancer, heart disease, hypertension, emphysema, coronary heart disease, strokes, diabetes, etc.  We will look at the contributing factors of each of these diseases, treatments, prevention methods, as well as how they attack your body.  Students will complete a Web quest with others to learn about and present on a specific disease.


    Chemical Health:

                Students will take a close look at some of the most commonly used and abused drugs among their age group.  We will look at facts and statistics about the drugs, how they affect your body, various types of addictions, peer pressure, refusal skills, and how we can educate others about the negative effects of these drugs.  We will include information on tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, OTC drugs, and many other common street drugs.



    Human Growth and Develoment:

    Students will look at the risks and consequences that go along with becoming sexually involved too early.  We will follow the guidelines that the district has established for the sexuality units in high school.  The emphasis will be on abstinence as the only 100% way to prevent disease and pregnancy.  Other topics that will be included are refusal skills, pregnancy/birth, reproductive anatomy, STD’s, Contraception, sexual violence, and communication. If you would not like your child to participate in this unit, please send a written request to your child’s Health teacher.  The alternative to this unit is a replacement curriculum that will be done independently by the student in the IMC.



    Students will learn C.P.R. per the American Heart Association, how to use an A.E.D., and how to help a victim who is choking using the Heimlich maneuver.  We will be using an online CPR training program as well as “hands on” training with mannequins.  Students will become CPR certified once they have completed the online and hands-on portions.