• Here are some of Mrs. Boisjolie's Favorite things:
    High School Classes - I loved all of my elective classes when I was in high school....they kept me engaged 

    Mississippi Sunset

    throughout the day
    Sport - Love to watch and play Volleyball
    Vacation Spot - Either at a Cabin on a lake or by the ocean on the beach
    Summer Hobbies - being outdoors with my kids/family, photography
    Restaurant - Acapulco, Q-Fanatic, Willy McCoy's
    Football Team - PACKERS!!! 
    Currently I like Imagine Dragons station on Pandora 
    Some Fun Facts About Mrs. Boisjolie
    My favorite actor is Denzel Washington
    I have four brothers and one sister
    I have two daughters Ella and Lilah...they LOVE being outdoor and swimming
    I love to  bake!!!
    I have nine nephews and four nieces
    I love to be outside no matter what the season 
    I have broken many bones....let's just say I had a lot of fun growing up on a farm in WI