• Service club lettering

    Youth service isn't just about the awards we earn because of it. Through volunteering, you'll be able to learn more about your interests within the community and how you can impact your community for the better. As such, the lettering requirements for Bengals in Action (BIA) will reflect the goals of our service club.
    Our mission is to support and promote volunteerism for us and those after us. Therefore, to letter in Bengals in Action you must complete the following objectives:
    • Assist with one BIA project (examples include: food drives, clean-up the environment, drive to support a homeless shelter with goods, etc.)

    Members of BIA will work in leadership teams to identify areas of need within the community, research methods of solving this, and execute a plan to make an impact within the local community.

    • BIA members expecting to letter should complete at least 30 hours of service specific to BIA (hours for NHS, AVID, CIVICs, etc.) will not be counted toward your BIA total. 

    Hours can be from any non-profit, drive, sponsored BIA events, etc. You can find them on the BHS Youth Service Volunteer page (classroom code - U7xcbsm) or other programs you are involved in.

    • Attend the majority of the BIA meetings. 

    Please join the BIA Google Classroom (xupcvig) to stay connected to meetings, volunteer opportunities, etc. 

    • In the spring, you will be asked to complete a written summary of your work this school year. This will simply be to note your work on BIA projects. It is not meant to be an essay, or add to your workload.