• Lettering

    Youth service just isn't about the awards we earn because of it. Through volunteering, you'll be able to learn more about your interests within the community and how you can impact your community for the better. As such, the lettering requirements for Bengals in Action (BIA) will reflect the goals of our service club.
    Our mission is to support and promote volunteerism for us and those after us. Therefore, in order to letter in Bengals in Action you must complete the following objectives:
    • Assist with one BIA local project (examples include: food drives, clean-up the environment, drive to support a homeless shelter with goods etc.)

    Members of BIA will work in leadership teams to identify areas of need within the community, research methods of solving this, and execute a plan to make an impact within the local community.


    • Assist with one BIA global project (examples include: annual fundraiser to support a country abroad, drives to donate goods to children outside of the US, sales of Rafikis to support women in Africa etc)

    Members of BIA will work in leadership in teams to identify projects to meet the needs of communities abroad. Researching the problem, creating a unique or creative solution, and executing a plan of action to impact the global community. 


    • BIA members expecting to letter should complete at least 30 hours of service from the youth service page. 

    Hours submitted for BIA credit must come from the youth service page, or be related to projects sponsored by BIA. For example: delivering the food from our food drive. Delivering food items from your parent's job's food drive would not count, as it was not from the youth service page.


    • Attend at least half of the BIA meetings. 

    Meetings that are held in the afternoon and the morning of the same week are considered to be the same meeting and are considered one meeting. On average we will hold approximately 2 meetings a month. This will allow for flexibility around other clubs or obligations with a job or seasonally. 


    • In the spring, you will be asked to complete a written summary of your work this school year. This will simply be to note your work on the local and global projects. It is not meant to be an essay, or add to your workload.