• Bengal Link: Linking Bengals to Business


    Blaine’s BPA chapter is excited to announce their new partnership with MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce, Bengal Link.  Together they will be connecting Blaine High School students with paying jobs in the surrounding areas.  Teenagers ages 15-18 are the “hardest demographics to reach” for employers, according to Lori Higgins, president of MetroNorth. “They don’t job search using traditional methods.”


    BPA State Officer, Senior Tim Mafe and Region 4 BPA President, Junior Kim Vo were selected to lead this program in its inaugural year.  They are working hard to get the program set up to launch in January 2019.  Students and families can connect with Bengal link online through Instagram @BengalLink or contact them directly through email at  Blainebengallink@gmail.com.  Bengal Link will also be working directly with Blaine High School’s Social Media Manager to promote on schools Facebook and Twitter pages.  This is where they will share potential listings as well as connect potential employers with students. 


    As the Student Ambassadors, Tim and Kim will work with students to determine their interests, work experience, available positions, and nearby employers. They will also help students with interview skills, resume writing, cover letters and filling out applications.  These are all skills that students can use as they prepare for career and college once they graduate from high school. 


    More information can be found in the January 10th BHS E News.