• Helping students reach their full potential 

    It is the primary mission of the Anoka-Hennepin School Counseling Program to support students in developing an individual vision of success to meet their academic, personal/social, post-secondary, college and career readiness goals. 
    School counselors collaborate with students, families, community members and school personnel to assure that all students realize and integrate their academic, career and personal/social potential in order to develop and achieve an individualized vision of success.
    • Collaborate - school counselors collaborate with students, families, school staff and community partners to help schools achieve their mission and students reach their goals.
    • Academic support – school counselors help students with topics such as academic organization, course planning, study skills and post-secondary preparation.
    • College and career planning – school counselors help students identify possible career paths through interest inventories, personality type assessments and learning style tests. Counselors help students understand the connections between their academic learning, post-secondary education and training, and their career goals.
    • Personal/social support – school counselors help students with issues such as bully prevention, anger management, problem solving and cooperation. Counselors work with families to find students additional support if needed.
    The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) model.
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    Request for records:

    Sara Rutledge
    Office phone: 763-506-7320
    Fax:  763-506-7303


    School Counselors:

    Dan Cox
    9th Grade
    Last names A - L
    Google Voice Text: 612-564-5082 
    Office phone: 763-506-7152
    Kimberly Kesti
    9th Grade
    Last names M - K 
    Office phone: 763-506-XXXX
    Tori Vlasyuk
    10th - 12th Grade
    Last names H - K 
    Google Voice Text: 763-392-3359
    Office phone: 763-506-7149
    Michaela Klaers
    10th - 12th Grade
    Last names A - B
    Google Voice Text: 763-290-0359
    Office phone: 763-506-7221
    Julia Corneil-Smith
    10th - 12th Grade
    Last names C - G 
    Google Voice Text: 763-310-1447
    Office phone: 763-506-7128 

    Sasha Wolter
    10th - 12th Grade
    Last names L - N
    Google Voice Text: 612-564-8509
    Office phone: 763-506-7129 
    Michael Ogorek
    10th - 12th Grade
    Last names O - S
    Google Voice Text:  763-290-0184
    Office phone: 763-506-7180
    Amy Storrick
    10th - 12th Grade
    Last names T - Z
    Google Voice phone: 612-412-4558
    Office phone: 763-506-7127
    Social Worker
    Katie DePrez
    Office phone: 763-506-7304

    Student Achievement Advisors:   

    Rumeal Setts
    Office phone: 763-506-7135
    Renee Snow
    Google Voice phone: 612-354-6952
    Office phone: 763-506-7222

    American Indian Education Advisor:

    Elizabeth Hendrickson
    Office phone: 763-506-1073