Special Education Classes
    Students register for special education classes based on decisions of their IEP team 
     Please talk with your student's case manager if you think a particular class would be appropriate for your student.
    Functional classes are for students with the most severe cognitive deficits. Students taking functional courses will likely live and work in a supported environment.

    Resource Independent Living (RIL) classes are for students with significant learning needs to the extent that content area instruction is delivered with functional skills incorporated. These students are working on skills necessary for independent living

    Essential classes typically replace a mainstream content course like English or Math. These classes serve a range of disabilities. Students enrolled in these classes are usually functioning at least 2-4 grade levels behind their same grade peers. The focus is on specialized instruction in the content area or area of disability.

    Alternative classes are geared towards students that have emotional or behavioral needs. Most students in these classes have a primary disability of EBD or OHD.
    Work-based learning is an instructional strategy to prepare students for success in career and college. It includes a broad range of experiences for students, both in and outside the classroom. Work-based learning provides opportunities for students to connect what they are learning in school to the world beyond the classroom.