• Technical College
    Technical Colleges offer programs that prepare students to work in many fields.  Students can earn a certificate in just a few months, or a diploma in a couple of years, allowing students to enter the workforce with valuable skills.  Technical colleges want students to be prepared before they begin their classes, and will require the following:
    While technical colleges may accept you without a high school diploma, they will require that you have the reading and math skills, as well as the study skills, to be successful in college.  The best way to prepare for success in college is to successfully complete high school.
    This is required to evaluate your reading and math skills.  If you need more skills in these areas to be successful, the college will require you to take remedial classes prior to starting your program.  While you will need to pay for these classes, you do not receive credit toward graduation for taking them.  Use the free education in high school to build those skills now before you graduate.
    Before you attend college and pay for classes, learn about available careers, programs, expected income, and requirements for each career you are interested in pursuing.
    For further information about how colleges will support students with disabilities, please refer to the Post-Secondary Resource Guide provided by local colleges and universities in the MNSCU system.