• Work-Based Learning
    Work-based learning is an instructional strategy to prepare students for success in career and college. It includes a broad range of experiences for students, both in and outside the classroom. Work-based learning provides opportunities for students to connect what they are learning in school to the world beyond the classroom.

    The Work-based learning program is a continuum of experiences and learning opportunities designed for all students to begin to plan and work towards their goals for the future. The scope of the Work-based Learning program encourages 9th through 12th graders to participate at various levels as they progress through high school.

    Course Selection Process: IEP team recommendation

    Career Seminar is a work-based learning class for students released to work at other sites, paid or non-paid. Students will focus on career assessment, interests, job skills and attributes to be successful in the workplace. Students will work on developing a graduation plan, a career training and college entry plan as well as job safety.

    Career Lab is a work-based learning class for students with emerging and developing skills. Students may be placed in a variety of settings at STEP, Pathways or on site at Blaine High School. Students may be working in an academic setting or a job setting. Students may work independently or with a job coach.