• Test Date:                    April 3, 2018  (Testing window is April 3-24)
    Make-Up Date:            April 24, 2018
    Accommodations:     Return signed Consent Form to Lynn Florman by January 5, 2018
    Who takes this test? 
    The ACT is required for any student wanting to attend a 4-year college or university, and is offered free of charge to 11th grade students in the spring.  Students can also register to take the test at other times during the school year by registering online.  If they want to take the ACT with accommodations, they should indicate that in their online registration, and then contact Lynn Florman at 763-506-6692 or Lynn.Florman@ahschools.us once ACT sends them a registration confirmation email with an ACT ID number.  She is the Test Accommodations Coordinator at Blaine HS and can request accommodations for students.
    How is this test administered?
    This test is a paper and pencil test administered to small groups of students over the course of an entire school day, or over multiple days, depending on whether the student has received accommodations or not.  It consists of 5 tests:  English (75 questions, 45 min), Math (60 questions, 60 min), Reading (40 questions, 35 min), Science (40 questions, 35 min) and Writing (1 prompt, 30 min).
    What do the scores mean?
     Students who are interested in attending college should score at least a 21, which is the average score on the ACT test.  Students who score below a 21 on the ACT may be required to successfully complete remedial classes at their chosen college to ensure that they have the skills necessary to be successful in college classes.