• Community College
    Many students start their college career at a local community college because they are less expensive than traditional 4-year colleges and universities, allow students to live at home and keep their jobs, provide opportunities to earn an Associates Degree, and their credits often transfer to 4-year colleges and universities if students choose to continue their education. Community Colleges will require the following from students interested in attending their programs.
    The academic and study skills required in college are more rigorous than those required in high school.  Students who have the skills to successfully graduate from high school are more likely to be successful in college!
    Colleges require students to have certain levels of reading and math skills before they will allow them to take classes.  Students who are unable to pass the Accuplacer Test will be required to successfully complete remedial classes before they can begin their program.
    Before starting college, know your skills and interests so that you can choose the program that is best for you.
     For further information about how colleges will support students with disabilities, please refer to the Post-Secondary Resource Guide provided by local colleges and universities in the MNSCU system.