• Hi and welcome to Anoka High School.


    My name is Todd Kirkpatrick.  This is my 19th year at Anoka High School.  In my freetime I enjoy spending time with my wife, two daughters, and son.  We enjoy spending time at the lake, and traveling to sporting events.  I enjoy coaching youth football, soccer, and wrestling.  Did I mention that we also enjoy going to warm places! 


    I look forward to a great school year.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.


    Todd M. Kirkpatrick

    SLD Teacher/ Case Manager

    Anoka Senior High School



    Todd Kirkpatrick
    SLD Teacher
    Anoka Senior High School
  • Teaching Schedule:
       Tri 1  Tri 2  Tri 3
     Period 1 RIL Math RIL Math I & 2 RIL Math I and II
     Period 2 Prob and Stats  Prob and Stats Advanced Algebra
     Period 3 Essential Prep  Essential Prep Essential Prep
     Period 4 Essential Math IVA Essential Math IIIB Essantial Math III
     Period 5  Essential Math IIIA Prob and Stats Essential Contact