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    I have been teaching English at Anoka High School since 1990; I have taught all grades and levels of English! During the 2019-20 school year, I will be teaching English 10, English 12 and College in the Schools (CIS) writing.
     I am a St. Paul native and attended Derham Hall High School (now Cretin-Derham Hall). My college alma mater is Carleton College where I graduated with a B.A. in English and earned my master's degree in Liberal Studies at Hamline University. Though I was a serious competitive swimmer from the age of ten through college, I now dabble in completely recreational athletics--gardening, biking, walking, cross-country skiing, and many other outdoor activities. I love to travel and spend time with my family; I could definitely get used to a life of traveling adventures.  

     I look forward to getting back in the classroom and talking about literature, writing, and ideas. I am available for questions, help or make up most days after school--I generally stay at school until 4:30. 


     Special information for distance learning, Spring 2020:
    My home office hours will be Monday-Friday 9-11 am and 1-3:00 pm with the exception of Tuesday mornings which is reserved for meetings with my teaching colleagues.  Please be assured that we will all get through these unusual circumstances together.  Please encourage your student to reach out to me via email, Google hangout (chat/test feature) or Google meet (video chat feature).  I am available to answer questions or just to chat or check-in with each other.  For most of us, we didn't become teachers just to sit behind a computer, but this is our new reality for now.
    By Sunday, March 29, Please look for an email from me with important information regarding Google Classroom codes to access assignments, attendance forms, etc.
    Be well! 
    Kim Gillen Corbey
    English Teacher
    Anoka High School

  • Teaching Schedule:
       Tri 1  Tri 2  Tri 3
     Period 1 English 10A Honors English 10 w/College Foundations

    English 10 w/College Foundations

    Google Classroom Code:


     Period 2 English 10A Honors Prep

    English 12B

     Period 3 English 10 w/College Foundations CIS: University Writing

    English 10C w/College Foundations

    Google Classroom Code:


     Period 4 Prep English 10 w/College Foundations Prep
     Period 5 English 10 w/College Foundations English 10 w/College Foundations

    English 10 w/College Foundations

    Google Classroom Code: