Welcome to Physical Science (gr. 9) and Chemistry with Ms. Hauge!
    Let me introduce myself:   
    Ms. Amy Hauge--
    Teaching Experience:  I am a veteran teacher in Anoka-Hennepin and have enjoyed working with and learning from students every year.  I teach a split schedule of chemistry and 9th gr. physical science.  
    Family &  Interests:
    Family:  My husband and 2 boys keep me very engaged in life as does our well loved dog, Sadie.  I enjoy staying active (biking, gardening, swimming, classes at the Y), attending my son's activities, teaching my dog new tricks, & working  with students.
    Chemistry student resources--Chemistry Moodle Site:
    Together we can help your child achieve success! I have a moodle page with more classroom information and support materials.  To access this page for Chemistry, find & click the Chemistry Resources page on the left menu of this page.
    9th grade Physical Science:  Students receive a list of learning targets for each unit at the beginning of the unit.  Quizzes are given during each unit to check on students progress on learning targets.  Students will have a test on each unit and also a cumulative final.
    Note  to Parents:
    First, thank you for supporting your student's education! I encourage you to converse with your student about chemistry and to be on the look out for e-mails from me about future test dates and deadlines for assignment sets.  By working together we can keep students on track, successful and feeling good about their understanding of chemistry.
    Use the link below to access the Anoka Physical Science Website.
    Amy Hauge
    Science Teacher
    Anoka High School
    3939 - 7th Avenue
    Anoka, MN  55303
  • Teaching Schedule:
       Tri 1  Tri 2  Tri 3
     Period 1 Prep 9th gr. Physical Science 9th gr. Physical Science
     Period 2 Hon. 9th gr. Phys. Science A 9th gr. Physical Science 9th gr. Physical Science
     Period 3 Chemistry A 9th gr. Physical Science 9th gr. Physical Science
     Period 4 Chemistry A Hon. 9th gr. Phys. Science A Prep
     Period 5 Chemistry A   9th Gr. Physical Science