• Señora Muszynski

    I am so excited to be teaching your student this year! We have many exciting learning opportunities planned. Please let me know if you have questions at any time!

    For specific information and announcements, please visit our Google classroom (your student has the info).

    -Señora Muszynski 

    Contact information:

    Heidi Muszynski
    Spanish Teacher
    Anoka High School
    3939 - 7th Avenue
    Anoka, MN  55303
  • Teaching schedule

       Trimester one  Trimester two  Trimester three
     Period 1  Spanish 1A  Prep  Prep
     Period 2  Spanish 2A  Spanish 1B  Spanish 1B
     Period 3  Spanish 2A  Spanish 2A  Spanish 2B
     Period 4  Spanish 2A  Spanish 1B  Spanish 1B
     Period 5  Prep  Spanish 2A  Spanish 2B