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    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!  I'll be teaching both 9th grade AVID, and 9th grade geography and Investigating Careers here at Anoka High School this year.   I have 17 years of teaching experience, with 14 of the years being at Coon Rapids Middle School. The majority of my teaching experience has been spent teaching 8th grade geography.  However, I also have experience teaching U.S. History, AVID, and Consumer Economics.  I'm passionate about learning and teaching about history, culture, and current events!    It's going to be a great year.  When I'm not at school, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two children.  My daughter Morgan is a high school student, and my son Ryan is in elementary school.  I enjoy traveling, taking photos, running, checking out new restaurants!
    List of supplies needed:   
    Geography class:  folder or binder, notebook, pencil
    Investigating Careers:  folder or binder, notebook, pencil
    AVID:  supplies will be provided for the student
    Donations needed for the classroom:  whiteboard markers, Post-it notes, boxes of tissues, Crayola markers, & pencils.  

    Investigating Career Syllabus

    Ann Lindquist
    9th Grade Social Studies Teacher
    Anoka High School
    3939 7th Avenue
     Anoka, MN 55303
  • Teaching Schedule:
       Trimester 1  Trimester 2 Trimester 3
     Period 1  Prep  Geography 9         S115 Prep
     Period 2  Geography 9   S115  Geography 9         S115  Geography 9      S115
     Period 3  Geography 9   S115  Prep Geography 9       S115
     Period 4  AVID              S115  AVID                    S115 AVID                  S115
     Period 5  Geography 9   S115  Geography 9         S115 Geography 9       S115