Anoka High School Softball

  • Coach  

    Toni Jesinoski

     *Please note, the link to the left and below leads to a page off of the Anoka-Hennepin website. It is not sponsored by the school or district in any fashion.

    Description of Activity 

    Coach:  Toni Jesinoski

    Where to locate coach:  763-506-1950

    Meeting times and places:  After school - Field House (early season), softball fields in front and behind the school.

    Length and timing of season:  Early March through early June

    Cost (if any):  $280

    Equipment required:  Softball glove, spikes, tennis shoes when inside, sweats, etc for practice

    Description:  The softball played in high school is fast pitch.  It is a different game than slow pitch in that it involves bunting, stealing bases, and an emphasis on pitching.  There are four levels of play - Varsity, J.V., B-Squad, and 9th grade.  

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