Anoka High School Cheerleading

  • Coach

    Fall and Winter Coach:  Katlin Anderson

    Description of Activity

    Meeting times and places: Practices are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2:40 to 5:15 p.m. Other assigned Games, pep fests, and competitions.

    Length and timing of season: Fall Season runs from August to November - Winter Season Runs From November to March 

    Cost (if any):  $240 Activity fee and Uniform/clothing fees(this varies depending on season)

    Equipment required:  None

    Description:   Fall cheerleaders cheer at Varsity Football and Soccer games from August to November, in addition to pep rallies and other events. During the summer they attend trainings and practice as well as camp, parades and other events. Winter cheerleaders cheer at Varsity Boys and Girls Hockey, as well as Basketball games from November through March. Our competitive cheerleading team performs at school pep-fests, and competes at a number of local competitions in addition to the State Competition from November to January. Cheerleaders are seen as leaders in their school and community and are expected to balance their commit to school and cheerleading while maintaining their position as a role model to their peers. Tryouts for the Fall Squad are held in spring, for competition are held in early Fall, and for Winter held at the end of Fall. Athletes are evaluated based on jumps, tumbling, motions, dance, and stunting. Participants can earn an athletic letter for each season (Fall, Winter, Competition).