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    Professional Dirt:
    Teaching Since:  2005
    Where Have I Taught:  
        Anoka High School
        Johnson H.S. (St. Paul)
        FAIR School (Mpls)
        Marcy Open (Mpls)
    State Licensure: 
        Earth & Space Science, Life Science, Physics, CTE Communications
    Classes I Teach:  
        STEAM Studio Lab
        Engineering and Robotics 1 + 2
        STEAM Honors Design & Development
        College Honors Creative Problem Solving
        STEAM Foundations
        Outdoor Adventures/Environmental Science
        Physical Science
        PhASE Licensure Program @ Hamline University  
        MA.ED: Natural Science and Environmental Education 
                        @ Hamline University
        B.S.: Teaching Life Science, Teaching Earth Science 
                        @ UM-Duluth
    Personal Dirt:
    BEST Author:  Edward Abbey
    Pets:  Jasper and Olive
    Favorite Family:  Mine!  
    Wants To:  Be Outside
    Best Way To Move:  Bike
    Best Way To Adventure: Mtns, ropes, fingers, 
                                                and anti-gravity
  •  Todd Hunter
    Science Teacher
    Anoka High School