• Mr. Todd Hunter 

    STEAM Teacher + Makerspace Facilitator  

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    Hokanson, B. and Hunter, T. College in the Schools: Presenting a college course on creativity in high school. In Simonson, M., & Seepersaud, D. (2023). Annual Proceedings of Selected Papers on the Practice of Educational Communications and Technology Presented Online and On-Site during the Annual Convention of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (45th, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2022). Volume 1. Association for Educational Communications and Technology. Link to article.

    Teaching Since:  2005


    Where Have I Taught:  

    • Anoka High School
    • FAIR School (Mpls)
    • Johnson H.S. (St. Paul)
    • Marcy Open (Mpls)

    State Licensure: 

        Earth & Space Science, Life Science, Physics, CTE Communications

    Classes I Have Taught:  

        STEAM Studio Lab
        Engineering and Robotics 1 + 2
        STEAM Honors Design & Development
        College Honors Creative Problem Solving
        STEAM Foundations
        Outdoor Adventures/Environmental Science
        Physical Science


        PhASE Licensure Program @ Hamline University  
        MA.ED: Natural Science and Environmental Education 
                        @ Hamline University
        B.S.: Teaching Life Science, Teaching Earth Science 
                        @ UM-Duluth
    Personal Dirt:
    BEST Author:  Edward Abbey
    Pets:  Walter
    Favorite Family:  Mine!  
    Wants To:  Be Outside
    Best Way To Move:  Bike
    Best Way To Adventure: Mtns, ropes, fingers, and anti-gravity