• The STEAM Expo was a success!

  • 2022 Save The Date

    Making circuits in the Makerspace


    Apply to our STEAM Program now!

    If you are interested in applying for the 2022-23 STEAM Program and you missed the priority deadline, don't worry!

    The NWSISD Lottery re-opened for 2nd round applications on January 10, 2022, and will remain open until March 11, 2022.



         Contact info:

         Jill Luoma-Overstreet
         STEAM Coordinator
  • Our STEAM Program believes that...

    We must leverage cutting-edge technology and learn to problem-solve creatively in order to successfully engage in real learning. By doing so, we learn within contexts that are relevant to our world today and prepare to become the innovators, engineers, and artists of tomorrow.

    The STEAM program focuses on the real-world application of our classroom learning, hands-on interactive experiences, making connections between disciplines, and building relationships between peers, teachers, and industry professionals. Our students have the opportunity to delve into 3D modeling, design and fabrication, dance, engineering and robotics, photo/video/digital media, music, and more.

    ADDITIONALLY...We encourage and work with our students to participate in any additional programming that speaks to them and fits within their schedules. Our students include AP scholars, athletes, band members, student council members, and more.


    Why is STEAM for you? 

    Our program offers a number of unique opportunities, such as:

    • Priority access to cutting-edge technology
    • Career and industry field trips
    • Professional mentors + networking opportunities
    • Digital portfolio-building for college and careers
    • Annual STEAM Showcase participation
    • STEAM certification + STEAM graduation medal


    The Center for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math at Anoka High School is designed for students who want to explore the connections between the arts, sciences, engineering and math while further developing technology and computer skills. STEAM uses project-based learning and the design thinking model to engage students.  The classes in the STEAM program will strengthen students abilities to be creative and flexible problem solvers, explore different ideas, and communicate well with others!  Students have the opportunity to delve into 3D modeling, design and fabrication, dance, engineering and robotics, sculpture, photo/video/digital media, music, and more!  We encourage a collaborative approach to learning that embraces technology, encourages unique solutions, welcomes creative and inventive thinking as well as problem-solving to prepare for careers in computer science, the arts and engineering.

  • Hear about the STEAM Program

    from our students in the video below!


  • Take a Virtual Walkthrough of AHS below.