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    My name is Kirsten Malmberg and I am a special education teacher at Anoka High School. I teach students with emotional and behavioral challenges. This is my 3rd year teaching. Previous to this, I worked for 12 years in residential treatment for kids with emotional and behavioral disorders and 1 year in juvenile corrections with young offenders.
    The classes I teach are Alt Self-Improvement and Alt Social Studies.
    My educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from St. Catherine University, including a junior year spent at St. Andrew’s University in St. Andew’s, Scotland. I completed my graduate work at Bethel University. I am still working on my Master’s thesis to complete my degree in Special Education.
    I truly believe there is no such thing as a “bad kid” and enjoy helping kids with life challenges figure out their own identity and place in the world.
    I look forward to working with you and your child this year and welcome any feedback you have!

    Kirsten Malmberg
    Special Education Teacher
    Anoka High School
  • Teaching Schedule:
       Tri 1
     Tri 2
     Tri 3
     Period 1
     Period 2
    Alt SS 11-12A
    Alt SS 11-12B
     Period 3
    Alt SS 9-10A
    Alt SS 9-10B
    Alt SS 11-12C
     Period 4
    Alt Self Imprv
    Alt Self Imprv
    Alt Self Imprv
     Period 5
    Alt SS 9-10C