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    This year is my thirtieth as a high school history teacher, twenty-two and counting here at AHS and seven previous at East Bakersfield HS in Bakersfield, CA.  I have taught World, US, and European history across different levels and grades over the years.  Students in all of my history classes develop historical thinking skills along with knowledge of key themes, events, and people from the past.  One way that students can think historically is by interpreting primary sources--texts, images, art works--from the past and creating their own interpretations of that past.  The deep literacy and critical thinking involved in this work are 21st Century skills that will serve them well in school and career.

    I am excited to be working with history students again this year!
    Eric Beckman

    Eric Beckman
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    Social Studies

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    Social Studies

    Literacy Project Lead


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    Social Studies

    Literacy Project Lead

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