Anoka High School Intramurals

  • Coaches                                  

    Melissa Schuster                                                           
    Tim Hale

    Description of Activity 

    Where to locate coaches:  Field House

    Meeting times and places:  Monday and/or Wednesdays
    Length and timing of season: 
    Volleyball: November - December
    Dodgeball: January - March

    Cost (if any):  Most often no cost - Some activities may require a court fee.

    Equipment required:  Varies with the activity

    Description:  We have a very wide range of activities within our intramural program. The program tries to meet the needs and interests of the entire student body. Intramurals are intended to fulfill the need of the students that would like the fun and social experience of competition and yet not have to spend the many hours of practice time as they might in a Varsity sport. Some of our activities now are volleyball, dodgeball & pickleball.

    Important! - Students must provide their own transportation to intramurals