Anoka High School Girls Lacrosse

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    Varsity: Ellie Hinrichs

    JV: Sydney D'Angelo

    B Squad: Charlie Rietschel

    Description of Activity 

    Cost (if any):  $280

    Anoka Girls Lacrosse Mission:

    The mission of the Anoka Girls Lacrosse program is to create a competitive, fun, and inclusive environment where any girl who wants to play is able to, regardless of experience or athleticism. This program focuses on improving every player's skills, starting with the basics through practices, games, and a positive atmosphere.

    We value our student athletes and strive to extend their interpersonal learning beyond the classroom by teaching them the importance of teamwork, commitment, leadership, sportsmanship, communication, respect for one another and for the game. By creating an environment to teach these lessons, we hope to instill qualities that will serve the student athlete on and off the field for a lifetime.