Anoka High School Art Club

  • Advisor

    Diane Gronewold

    Description of Activity

    Advisor: Diane Gronewold

    Where to locate advisor: Art room A241

    Meeting times and places: Art room A241, Tuesday after school from 2:30 to 4 p.m.

    Length and timing of season: All year

    Cost (if any): There is a fee of $20 to cover art supplies and materials for the year.

    Equipment required: None

    Description: The Art Club consists of students interested in the visual arts. Participation in this club is part of the requirement for students to earn a Fine Arts Letter. The purpose of the club is to provide additional art enrichment experiences which will encourage students to create. Approximately two times per month there will be a new art activity / process taught to the students, while the rest of the weekly meetings will be used to complete the activity and / or work on other art related projects.