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  • Andrew Klaers
    Health Teacher
    Anoka High School
  • Standards Based Grading

    Health 10 teachers will use a standards-based grading system that focuses on the most important standards and benchmarks as determined by the National Health Standards.  Students’ knowledge and performance will be evaluated using a 4, 3.5, 3, 2.5, 2, 1.5, 1, .5 proficiency scale that will allow parents, students, and others to determine what a student knows and can do. Daily practice may be noted in the gradebook, but may not be factored into the final course grade. This reflects the belief that students should be graded on what they know and can do based on multiple opportunities to showcase proficiency.


    Standards Based Reporting

    Understanding Grades With Standards - Gradebook Instructions
    Teaching schedule
       Trimester One  Trimester Two  Trimester Three
     Period 1 Health 10 Health 10 Health 10
     Period 2 Health 10 Health 10 Health 10
     Period 3 Health 10 Health 10 Health 10
     Period 4 Prep Health 10 Health 10
     Period 5 Health 10 Prep Prep