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    My name is Kathleen Winters and I have been teaching at Anoka High School for the past 12 years. I work in the special education department. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education: Developmental Cognitive Disabilities from St. Cloud State University in 2007. I received my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from St. Catherine’s University in 2010. I received my Autism license from the Minnesota Department of Education in 2015. I teach in a centerbased room. We work on skills in the following areas: Functional Academics, Functional Vocational, Functional Recreation and Leisure, Functional Community and Functional Daily Living. 


    Thank you for supporting your student's education!
    I am excited to work with your child and watch their growth.
    Together we can help your child achieve success! 
    Kathleen Winters
    Special Education Teacher
    Anoka High School
  • Teaching Schedule:
       Tri 1  Tri 2  Tri 3
     Period 1 FunctEnglish Prep FunctEnglish
     Period 2 FunctLifeSkills FunctLifeSkills FunctLifeSkills
     Period 3 Prep FunctMath Prep
     Period 4 FunctMath FunctEnglish FunctMath
     Period 5 FunctCommExper FunctCommExper FunctCommExper