Anoka High School Boys Tennis


    Mandetory player / parent meeting is Thursday, March 12th in the HS cafeteria @ 6 pm.  If you, or your student athlete will be unable to attend, please let Coach Bertram know via email.  We will be going over apparel, the calendar, student athlete expectations and introducing the coaches this year as well as booster information.

    Registration is open for tennis, so register sooner than later if possible, so coaches can plan accordingly for our numbers and potential court space.

    The temperature is rising!!! This will be a fun-filled, competitive and awesome tennis season.  Hope to see you at the parent / player meeting! 


    Eric Bertram

    Coach:  Eric Bertram

    Where to locate coach:  Anoka Middle School for the Arts

    Meeting times and places:  Practice 2:30 to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday;  Anoka High School Tennis Courts

    Length and timing of season:  Late March through early June

    Cost:  $240

    Equipment required:  Tennis Racquet, Shoes, Shorts

    Description:  Boys tennis provides instruction and competitive play at the varsity, B-Squad and 9th grade levels.  Varsity is composed of the top 10-15 players; JV is composed of remaining players who are not on varsity.  The program is open to players at all skill levels and any student athlete is more than welcome.  Our goal is to create both a fun and competitive enviorment where accountability, empathy, work ethic and dignity are taught and expected.  We will celebrate progress and our achievements at ALL levels.