• Programs assisting with learning

    Several programs and support resources are available to assist students in learning. Whether families are looking for a little guidance off the Internet or an extensive intervention plan, there is something already available to meet your child's needs. If you have any questions, please contact a school counselor. 

    Educational equity

    English learners, the Indian education program and student achievement advisors focus on reducing the academic disparity between different groups of learners, ie. white vs. minorities, or high income vs. low income.  


    Individual learning plans for students needing academic help with core classes including English, math and science. One of three levels of intensity is chosen for participating students.  

    Special needs

    The Special Education program and special accommodations (504 plan) help students with special needs learn in the most unrestrictive environment possible.  

    Online resources 

    Internet links gathered by the curriculum, instruction and assessment department to enhance learning beyond the classroom. Also known as Curriculinks.