Anoka High School Students Together are Responsible (STAR)

  • Advisor

    Tim Hale

    Description of Activity

    Advisor:  Tim Hale

    Meeting times and places: Large group meeting 1st or 2nd Friday of each month at 7 a.m. in the Auditorium. Small group meetings as needed. Members pledge to be chemically free. Many social activities and community service activities available.

    Length and timing of season:  All year - begins each September

    Cost (if any):  None

    Equipment required:  None

    Description:  STAR members are committed to being chemically free. It is open to all AHS students and meetings are held once a month in the evening. As a member of STAR a student may be trained through the Alcohol Decisions Extension Program to present a decision-making curriculum to elementary students. Being a Senior STAR member and working with the middle schools, attending various conferences, and taking part in STAR social events. STAR is a very large student regulated organization and the opportunity to be involved is open to all members. A student panel works to keep the commitment to be chemically free enforced.