Anoka High School Students Together are Responsible (STAR)

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    Tim Hale

    Description of Activity

    Meeting times and places: Large group meeting 1st or 2nd Friday of each month at 7 a.m. in the Auditorium. Small group meetings as needed. Members pledge to be chemically free. Many social activities and community service activities are available.

    Length and timing of season:  All year - begins each September

    Cost (if any):  None

    Equipment required:  None

    STAR is open to all students at Anoka High School and is a very large student-led organization. STAR is for students who understand the importance of living right and making responsible, productive decisions. Students will promise to be an advocate against, and stay away from substance use (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, e-cigs, etc.) and bullying. Students will lead by example by putting others before myself to help make Anoka safe for every person.
    Students will have the opportunity to be trained through a collaboration with 4H and The University of MN - Extensions in the Youth-Teaching-Youth program in preparation for teaching middle school (6th grade) and elementary school (4th grade) students curriculum about making good decisions and staying away from substance use and bullying. Students will also have the opportunity to be actively involved in social and student sponsored events throughout the school year. 
    This is a highly respected club through the school with students, staff and community members.