• Booster Club Information

    Our booster clubs are a vital part of Anoka High School.

     Please consider supporting Anoka Booster Fundraisers.

     The Booster Activities are not district sponsored activities, but our students definitely benefit from the support and funds raised through these events. 

     Please email Kelly Hazelwood if:

      ~ Your club would like an activity added

      ~ You would like to see your upcoming Booster Club Fundraiser advertised here.    

     ~ You would like me to attend any Booster Club Meeting to discuss how I can be of service to Booster Clubs.  Please contact me with upcoming meeting dates.

    Kelly Hazelwood ~ kelly.hazelwood@ahschools.us


     Booster Clubs and their members are essential partners with 

    Anoka-Hennepin extracurricular activities.

    Thank you for your support of AHS athletics and activities.