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Calculator for AHS

We all know that having the right tools for the job is a critical aspect of being successful for any task. You wouldn't try to put a nail in the wall with a screwdriver, right? The same goes for finding success in math classes.

Each level of mathematics uses different calculator functions, and there is one, the TI-84, that will work for all classes through high school and college. Although you may not always need a graphing calculator, using the same calculator, and becoming proficient in where the functions and applications are located is vital for success. This is especially true on timed, high-stakes tests like the ACT. Even those students who don't plan on pursuing a math career or degree will most likely have to take a math course in college to complete their generals and they will find that knowing their calculator will help immensely!

The TI-84 has multiple versions available with varying colors, screen types, 'plus', 'silver' or other editions - which sometimes have more memory or other features (and a slightly higher price tag), any of which will work perfectly! The calculators can be found new for around $100 at local retailers or online - but don't shy away from checking out used options as well - ebay, former college students, or relatives that may be done with one they purchased are great affordable options, too. There are multiple TI (Texas Instruments) calculators available, to please pay close attention to the number "84" - the others have different functions and sequences, which would make it challenging to follow along in class. Above all else, please feel free to ask any of the math teachers at Anoka about the benefits of having your own calculator, or questions you have about the information above. Thank you for helping our students have a great math experience here at Anoka High School!