• Reading Foundations I & II

    Syllabus and Behavioral Expectations


    Ms. Dianne Peterson, room L130




    Required Materials and Supplies:   

    ·         Pen and/or pencil (BLUE OR BLACK ink, please)

    ·         A folder or binder to keep your materials in (this will stay in the classroom)

    ·         Independent reading material

     Late Work/Make-up Work Policy: 

    ·         If you have an excused absence, please check to see what you missed and contact me about any make-up work.  If you miss more than three consecutive days, please see me to make arrangements. 

    ·         The deadline for all work is the last Friday before the end of the trimester.

    Behavioral Expectations:

    ·         Be prepared.  Make sure you have a pen or pencil, your folder, and something to read with you EVERY DAY.  

    ·         Be respectful.  Speak positively to your peers, listen when others are speaking (including me) and treat materials (books, desks, hand-outs) appropriately. 

    ·         Be kind.  With your words and your actions. 

    ·         Be responsible.  You are responsible for your learning.  Make sure you do everything you can to take control!

     Technology Policy: All portable electronic devices may be used in the classroom only with teacher or administrator approval. If there is unapproved use, the device may be confiscated by a staff person.  (Please refer to page 99 of the student planner for a complete description of school policy).


    • Independent reading
      • Reading responses (reading log). Students will be contributing to a small group discussion as part of their reading log points.
      • Completion of two books 
    • Computer strategy
      • Achieve 3000 - Students will work to complete at least two articles a week at 75% or higher
    • Direct Instruction Work
      • Article of the Week (AoW)
      • Vocabulary
      • Strategy work: nonfiction text features, summarizing, identifying text structures (sequence, cause and effect, problem and solution, compare and contrast) and inference.


    Grades will be posted in Synergy every 2–3 weeks.  Grades are weighted as follows:

    Formative                     10%
    IR summative               30%
    Informational Text         30%
    Vocabulary Summative  30%

       Grading Scale:                 

                  A   =   93 - 100       C+ =  77 - 79        D-  =   60 - 62      

                  A-  =   90 - 92        C   =  73 - 76         F    =   Below 60

                  B+ =   87 - 89        C-  =  70 – 72     

                  B   =   83 – 86        D+ =  67 - 69

                  B-  =   80 – 82        D   = 63 - 66      

    Academic Support:

    I am available most days after school.  I can also be available before school if you let me know.  I will make every effort to be available if you would like to come in for additional help and/or to make up work. 

     Parent/Guardian:  If you have concerns about your student’s progress or behavior, please do not hesitate to call or email me.  I am happy to work with you and your student to ensure they have a successful school year.

    Learning Targets:  Each day we will be working to meet specific learning targets.  Each target is a reading objective we want students to master by the end of the year to help answer two essential questions:

    1.     What do I need to do to become a stronger reader?

                2.    What do I do when I don’t understand what I am reading? 

    These targets will be posted on the board and on assignments.  Some key learning targets for this trimester are:


    • I can use strategies such as - activating prior knowledge, making connections, making predictions and asking questions in order to deepen my understanding of a text.
    • I can identify the central (main) idea of a text.
    • I can distinguish between the central (main) idea and supporting details in a text.
    • I can identify important and relevant details in a text.
    • I can summarize a text.


    • I can determine the meaning of unknown words and phrases in a text by using context clues and/or word parts.

     Independent Reading:

    • I can select text at my appropriate independent reading level.
    • I can read various texts to increase my background knowledge.
    • I can change my reading speed depending on the purpose for reading.