• American History  A

    Course and Grading Requirements

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    Textbook:  Pursuing American Ideals by TCI History Alive!  $75 if lost.

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    Course OverviewThe U.S. History is a chronological approach to major historical concepts and themes in America’s cultural, social, economic, and political experience.  Throughout the course, students will learn about the individual experiences of ordinary women, men, and children as well as intellectual, political, and cultural leaders.  A major theme of this course will be a study of the diverse people who have created the American story.  MOTTO:  “Think You Can- Work Hard- Get Smart!” Dr. Beverly Tatum


              Trimester A                                                               Trimester B

    Establishing an American Republic                                         WWII and Postwar America

    Immigration and  Industrialism and their Impact                            The Cold War

    Expanding American Global Influence                                                    The  Civil Rights Movement

    The Roaring Twenties and Great Depression                             The Making of Modern America


    Grades:  Your grade is a result of your scores on tests, quizzes, daily assignments, research projects, class participation, and time use.  The system used in this class for grading is a percentage system. 


    Grading Percentage System                              Approximate Percentages of Work

    90%-100% = A                                              Formative & Summative Tests                       60%

    80%-89% =   B                                               Project Assessments                             15%

    70%-79% =   C                                              Daily Homework                                             15%

    60%-69% =   D                                              District Final                                           10%                       

    59% -lower = F


    Course Requirements/Guidelines:

    1. You will need a single subject notebook and folder for this course.  Label it with your name, course title, and teacher’s name. 


    1. Missing class is an obstacle to learning.  Make-up work is the responsibility of the student.  If you are absent for any reason, make sure to check the classroom board and talk with me.  It is a matter of courtesy to alert your instructor when you know you will be absent.


    1. Assignments are to be labeled with your name and class hour and must be turned in on time to receive full credit.  Major presentations and projects which require a strict time line will not qualify for excused late assignment status.  All other assignments not turned in on time are worth NO MORE than 50% of original value.


    1. Attendance on field trips is at the teacher’s discretion; field trips are a privilege, not a right.



    1. Each unit will likely have a common assessment and/ or project.



    What will make you successful in this class?

    ·     Follow all of Anoka Hennepin School District 11 & Building Student Handbook policies 

    ·     Bring materials to class: something to write with, textbook, folder for History items only

    ·     Positive participation: what it looks like:

    o     Respectful behavior to teacher, classmates and yourself

    o     Listen when others speak-give them your complete attention

    o     Share when appropriate-ask relevant questions

    o     Take turns, allow people to finish speaking before you jump in

    o     Appropriate language

    o     Use time productively-if I give you class time to work, use it!

    o     Doing your fair share in group settings


    Things that will keep you from being successful:

    o     Having your phone out at any time. I’ll take it and write a referral.

    o     Lack of focus on the task we are working on

    o     Side conversations and working on other class work

    ·         Missing/half completed/poorly done work and assignments

    o     Distracting behavior-to yourself and others

    o     Negative attitude

    o     Not taking responsibility for your actions or efforts



    Overall History Learning Targets

    • I can analyze and interpret primary and secondary sources.
    • I can evaluate credibility and bias of historical sources.


    Unit 1: Establishing an American Republic

    ·         I can identify the contributions and impacts of the Columbian Exchange including its long term impact on Native Americans.

    ·         I can evaluate the principles and ideals expressed in America’s founding documents.

    ·         I can evaluate who was included in the phrase “We the people” within the preamble to the Constitution as a result of the Revolutionary War.

    ·         I can identify manifest destiny and describe its impact on affected peoples.

    ·         I can analyze the process by which enslaved African Americans achieved emancipation.

    ·         I can list the key results of the Civil War and identify the key questions facing the newly reunited nation.

    ·         I can debate the successes and failures during the Reconstruction Era.


    Unit 2: Immigration/Industrialism and its Impact

    ·         I can explain the patterns of and reasons for immigration.

    ·         I can explain the social and economic cost of immigration.

    ·         I can describe the key factors that allow industry to grow.

    ·         I can debate the positive and negative impact of industry on the American workers.

    ·         I can identify and assess the social, political, and environmental problems that the Americans faced as a result of immigration and industrialism and explain how the Progressives addressed them.


    Unit 3: America Becomes a World Power: Imperialism & WWI

    ·         I can define imperialism and evaluate why and how the America became an imperial power.

    ·         I can identify the causes for US involvement in WWI and its impact on the home front.

    ·         I can evaluate the impact of WWI and the Treaty of Versailles on the foreign policy.


    Unit 4: The 1920s & Great Depression

    •  I can explain the significant changes for African Americans in the 1920’s, how those changes led to the Great Migration and Harlem Renaissance, and the long term impact of those changes on America and Americans.

    ·         I can analyze the social, economic, and religious tensions that divided Americans.

    ·         I can explain why women needed the vote, how they achieved suffrage, and the impact of the 19th amendment

    ·         I can describe the economic causes and human impact of the Great Depression.

    ·         I can explain the changing role of the federal government as a result of the Great Depression.