• ESL Content I/II

    Class Syllabus 2019-2020




    Rhonda Munson





    This course will emphasize specific reading, writing and vocabulary skills using Social Studies Content.
    • Introduction to Map Skills
    • Regions of the U. S. 
    • Native Americans
    • American Revolution
    • U.S. Government
    • Responsible Citizenship


    Materials Needed:                                                             






    Grading Categories

    ·     Formative Homework/Classwork 10%

    ·     Summative Assessments 80%

    Common Summative 10%


    Grading Scale

    A = 93% or higher       B+ = 89.9% to 87%                 C+ = 79.9% to 77%    D+ = 69.9% to 67%   

    A-= 90% to 92.9%       B= 86.9% to 83%                    C= 76.9% to 73%        D= 66.9% to 63%

                                        B- 82.9% to 80%                     C-= 72.9% to 70%      D-= 62.9% to 60%

    Grades will be posted on A-H Connect throughout each trimester.


    Homework Expectations and Late Work:

    It is important for students to have their homework completed on time so that students are prepared for the learning in class each day. 


    Plagiarism: (see student handbook for more specific details)


    Turnitin.com is a website we use to scan for student plagiarism. All major papers will be submitted to this website. 


    Re-Take Policy:

    Students are allowed to re-take major tests after remediation at teacher discretion.


    Attendance Policy:

    Attendance is important! If students miss a class, they are responsible for making sure to complete all work. Students are allowed two days for each day absent. Students should write “ABSENT” at the top of the paper and the date absent.


    Tardy Policy:

    Students must be in the classroom when the bell finishes ringing, or it will be considered a tardy. The school policy is that 3 tardies = a referral.


    Electronic Devices:

    Cell phones are not allowed in the classroom without the teacher’s permission.  If students use them during class, the phone will be sent to the office.