• October 2014


    Re: Math League


    Congratulations! Because of your outstanding talents in the area of mathematics, your teacher has submitted your name as a potential “math leaguer”. We feel you have the talent necessary to compete with other high school students in attempting to solve more challenging math problems. By applying your knowledge, talents, problem-solving skills, etc., you will find it both fun and fulfilling to be able to compete at a higher level with the best students in school as your teammates.

    On Monday, October 13th we will begin with our first practice in room M222 from 2:30 – 3:30.  Our regular practice times are Monday and Wednesday after school for from   2:30 - 3:30 pm. There are five meets during the year, the dates are as follows:


    Meet 1             Monday           Nov. 3             at Coon Rapids 

    Meet 2             Monday           Nov. 24           at Andover

    Meet 3             Monday          Dec. 15            at Osseo

    Meet 4             Monday           Jan. 26            at Blaine

    Meet 5             Monday           Feb. 9              at Elk River 


     What are some benefits of participating in math league? Having this on your high school resume will benefit you in applying for colleges. Students have indicated that by competing in math meets it teaches them to think under pressure. This carries over to their high school courses and the ACT test where math tests will no longer seem stressful. It is also possible to earn a letter in Math League.

    Please give strong consideration to joining math league. We look forward to seeing you at our first practice.



    Mr. Rengo

    Math League Coach