Anoka High School


    Course:   Advanced Algebra


    Instructor:  Mr. Frame

    E-mail:  tim.frame@ahschools.us

    Office Phone:  (763)506-6261


    Course Materials:

                    1.  Notebook, pencil, and eraser.

                    2.  A scientific calculator is recommended. 

                    3.  Reference site for more examples and tutorials: Google Topic





                    Your grade will be based on the accumulation of total points in the following categories.


                    60 % Tests

                    30 % Homework and Quizzes

                    10% Final


    Grading per assignment is done on a percentage basis as follows:  Total points are recorded in the grade book not letter grade.


                    A             90 - 100%

                    B             80 -  89%             

                    C             70 -  79%

                    D             60 -  69%

                    F                0 -  59%





    1.  Cheating would be looking at someone else’s test, sharing a calculator, talking during the                              test, using your cell phone.

                    2.  Students cheating will receive a zero.

    3.  If you are absent the day before a test (usually a review day), you will be required to take the     test with the rest of the class.  If you are absent the day of the test, you are required to make up the test the following Monday before or after school in the math/science resource center.










    1.  Homework is started at the end of the class period and finished at home.  Show your work for each problem.  Use the classroom examples as a guide.


                    2.  Assignments are due daily with work shown.  Extra Help is before or after school.   


    3.  For each day absent you will be allowed a day and a half to make up missed work.  Check   assignment sheet in the classroom for assignments.



                    There will be one or two quizzes every chapter to check comprehension. 



    Students are expected to participate in class by asking, answering, or presenting problems when appropriate.   You must work on algebra the entire class period unless you have finished the assigned work or have my permission.  Sleeping or sitting idle will not be tolerated. 



                    1.  Tardiness (not in the room when bell sounds)

                    2.  Unexcused absence

                    3.  Not prepared for class (homework, pencil, etc.)

                    4.  Disrespect toward any student, staff or property

    5.  Any improper behavior during the class period.  (not doing work in class, eating, sleeping, texting, problem with substitute teacher, etc.)


    Tips to be successful:

                    1.  Take notes in class and study them.

                    2.  Stay caught up on your work and review frequently.

                    3.  Ask for help!  This is your responsibility.  I’m in my MSRC at least  hour before school and after school.

                    4.  Find a quiet place at home to study.