• Essential Math 5

    Instructor:  Mark Sundberg  

    Phone Number:  763-506-6366



    Course Title:  Essential Math 5; Classroom: B212B

    Course Understandings:

    ·         Compare and order integers on a number line

    ·         Add and subtract integers

    ·         Multiply and divide integers

    ·         Apply knowledge of integers to real world problems

    ·         Understand and identify inequalities

    ·         Use proportions to find variables

    ·         Understand and apply Order of Operations

    ·         Combine like terms to simplify expressions and equations

    ·         Use the distributive property to simplify expressions and equations

    ·         Use inverse operations to solve equations

    ·         Solve one and two-step algebraic equations

    ·         Write rules for patterns and functions

    ·         Identify parts of a graph

    ·         Plot ordered pairs and graph lines.

    Guidelines for Student Success:

    ·         Materials Needed: Everyday students should bring a calculator, pencil and a notebook.

    ·          Behavior:  Students are expected to follow the student policies listed in the student handbook.

    ·         Participation: Students will be required to complete their homework and participate in class.

    ·         Assignments: “Homework” will be assigned almost every class period and time will be allotted in class to complete assignments. Assignments not completed in class become homework.   If a student is having difficulty completing assignments the student needs to talk to the instructor ASAP.  All assignments must be turned in.

    If a student is absent it is his or her responsibility to get the missing assignment from the instructor. 


    If you need extra help you may go to the Lighthouse.  The Lighthouse is an after school tutoring program where teachers help students with their homework.

    Lighthouse runs Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 2:45-5:15pm.  Students may then ride their activity bus home if they have attended.


    Grades will be determined based on the following:

    ·         Tests and quizzes-80%

    ·         Homework completion-20%

    ·         Participation-expected!

    Participation includes-

    a.      Be on time

    b.      Participate in group work and class activities

    c.       Complete assigned work

    d.      Be respectful to all members of the class

    e.      Be prepared for class every day!


    100% - 90%     = A

    89% - 80%       = B

    79% - 70 %      = C

    69% - 60%       = D

    59% and below will not receive credit for the class