• Essential Study Skills


    Teacher information:

    Derek Rueckert

    Office:  N122

    Phone:  763-506-6462

    Email:  Derek_Rueckert@ahschools.us



    Course understanding:

    Student will learn the following:

                -How to keep work organized

                 -Learning style

                -Strategies to study for a test

                -Strategies to relax

                -How to use resources

                -Taking notes

                -Use Google Classroom




                -Cell Phones will not be in use unless permission is granted.

                -Be respectful of your time and your classmates time.

                -Bring assignments from other classes when needed.




    All work will be done in class. 




    Students will be graded on participation, effort, and daily class assignments.

    100-90% A

    89-80% B

    79-70% C

    69-60% D

    59% or less F