• 2024-25 PSEO Information 

    Post-Secondary Education Options (PSEO) offers eligible sophomore, junior and senior students the opportunity to enroll in and attend college level courses and apply earned credit towards high school graduation requirements and a college degree. Students have the option to attend PSEO courses either part time or full time and the number of credits that are taken will determine the number of classes that will be taken at Anoka High School.

    PSEO Enrollment Steps: Follow these steps in order!

    1. Review the PSEO presentation  for important information. Click on the sound icon in corner of the slide to hear the presentation.
    2. Check your eligibility status. Students can view their GPA/Rank on Student Vue.  Make sure you meet the college's entrance requirements.
    3. Go to the college website and complete their online PSEO application. 
      1. Anoka Ramsey Community College
      2. University of Minnesota Application opens February 15. On the U of M application, please choose the option to have your high school representative send your documents. 
      3. Bethel University
      4. Northwestern University
      5. Other colleges: please check the college website for application instructions and deadlines
    4. Complete these 2 forms electronically:
      1. 2024-2025 Notice of Student Registration Form for ARCC only or the 2024-25 Notice of Student Registration form for all other colleges. 
        • Download and save the appropriate form. 
        • Then, open the form and complete Part 1 of the NOSR.
        • Finally, email the form to your AHS Counselor to complete Part 2. 
      2. Student / Parent Contract (complete the contract and email it to your AHS Counselor)
    5. Check your email for the college acceptance letter and next steps to follow. 
    6. Once accepted, schedule an appointment with your AHS Counselor to discuss the college courses that will meet your high school graduation requirements.
    7. Complete the college orientation (if applicable) and register for college courses. Make sure your college classes do not overlap with your high school classes (if part-time)
    8. Email a copy of your college schedule to your AHS counselor


    Anoka Ramsey:  Fall 2024 Priority Deadline is April 15

    University of MN-TC: April 15