• Investigating Careers
    Intended Audience: Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12
    Credit: One trimester = 0.5 credit
    Major Outcomes:
    • Current and future career trends in high demand, high wage areas
    • College/post-secondary planning
    • College options, admissions, requirements, financial aid availability
    • Getting a job and keeping it, defining success at the workplace
    • Self-assessment for career planning
    • Career research
    • Personal portfolio that reflects student’s work
    Projects, Activities, etc.:
       Class portfolio, detailed career plan including goals and objectives, action path to get to chosen career,. Students will have an overview of college offerings how to access an utilize resources. Students will create projects based on their self-assessment results and career choices.
    Instructional Focus:
       Speakers, PowerPoints, variety of technology access. Students will use Internet accessing career and college information. Students will utilize career center and connect with Career Placement Specialists to become aware of colleges, college visits, test prep, financial aid, and business connections.