Advanced Algebra


    Instructor:    Tami Jo Manthey

    Email: tamijo.manthey@ahschools.us



    Student Progress: Parents may access their child's progress reports via A-H Connect (see AHS website).  I update grades weekly.


    Class Tools:

    ² Scientific Calculator &/or Graphing Calculator

    ² Textbook (replacement cost is $76.00)

    ² Notebook, pencil, and eraser


    Homework: Daily effort at home is expected for students to be successful.  No credit will be given for work turned in after the chapter test is taken.  I am available for extra help before/after school.

    1.     All homework is to be done in a notebook with a pencil.  Bring your entire notebook to class each day.  For each problem (except word problems) copy the original problem and show your work.  Use the class examples as a guide.

    2.     Assignments are due on test days.  No credit will be given for work turned in after the chapter test is taken.  Each person will correct his/her own work.  Remember to be honest with yourself, acknowledge mistakes, if any.  Correct the work, not only the answer.  This will help you learn from your mistakes.

    3.     For each day absent, you will be allowed 1 ½ days to make up missed work.  Check your homework calendar or the one posted in the classroom.



    Quizzes:  Expect one to two quizzes per chapter to check comprehension.  You may use your own notes during quizzes.

    Tests:          We will have a test at the end of each chapter, as well as a final test at the end of the trimester.  If you are absent the day before the test (usually a review day), you will still be required to test on test day with the rest of the class.  If you are absent the day of the test, you must make arrangements to make up the test after school in the MSRC as soon as possible.





    A new lesson is covered each day.  You are responsible for making up the material you miss due to absences.  Ask for help.  This is your responsibility. I am available at least ½ hour before and after school in my classroom or in the math office.


    Class Expectations:


              *be ATTENTIVE -take notes in class and study them

              *be PREPARED  - stay caught up, have study parties, and review frequently

    *be ENCOURAGING    -be willing to work on challenging problems, be    patient with yourself and other classmates


    Be nice!  Respect students, staff/substitute teachers, property.

    Be in desk when bell rings.

    Be in class every day.

    Behave in class.


    Students are expected to work on mathematics the entire class period unless you have finished the assigned work or have my permission.



    Weighting Scale to determine overall grade:


    70%    Tests

    10%  Quizzes                





    A        90% and above

    B        80% - 89.9%

    C        70% - 79.9%                                   

    D        60% - 69.9%

    F        less than 60%


    Welcome!  I look forward to working with every single one of you!  With hard work and daily effort, you can and will be successful!