• Syllabus - Distance Learning


    Welcome to Pre-Calculus!



    Instructor:    Tami Jo Manthey                                               Email: tamijo.manthey@ahschools.us


    You are not alone during this distance learning situation.  We are all in this together.  I will learn from you and you from me and other appropriate resources.  Hang in there folks.



    • Computer device, Scientific Calculator or Graphing Calculator
    • Notebook, pencil, folder, and big eraser


    Classcodes for Google Classroom:                                             Classcodes for Khan Academy:             

    Pre-Calculus 3rd       enzlyts                                                           Pre-Calculus 3rd       Z2X9C5TB

    Pre-Calculus 4th       m66eugr                                                        Pre-Calculus 4th       TZDYVU4U


    Teacher Advice: 

    • Math is not a spectator sport. You cannot learn much mathematics just by watching other people do it.  You must engage.
    • Connect with others during this novel COVID-19 time.
    • You are expected to schedule time for each course an average of 15-30 minutes per school day. 
    • You are expected to learn many things by reading, but school is designed so that you do not have to learn everything by yourself.
    • If you do not understand immediately, don’t give up.  Try YouTube videos and Khan Academy HINTS.


    I look forward to working with every single one of you!  Hang in there and be nice to yourself!!!  You can and will be successful!  T. J. Manthey