• Welcome to Geometry!

    Instructor:    Tami Jo Manthey

    Email: tamijo.manthey@ahschools.us


    Student Progress: I update grades weekly.  Parents may access their child's progress reports via A-H Connect (see AHS website). 


    What to bring to class each day:

    ² Scientific Calculator or Graphing Calculator

    ² Textbook - check out from library

    ² Notebook, pencil, folder, and big eraser


    Teacher Advice: 

    ·        Math is not a spectator sport.  You cannot learn much mathematics just by watching other people do it.  You must participate.

    ·        You are expected to do homework every day, so put aside time for it.  Do not wait until the day before a test if you do not understand something.  Try to resolve the difficulty right away and ask questions of your classmates or teacher.  You are expected to learn many things by reading, but school is designed so that you do not have to learn everything by yourself.

    ·        If you cannot answer a question immediately, don’t give up.  Read the question again – what is being asked? – read the lesson again – look for examples.  If you can, go away from the problem and come back to it a little later.


    Homework (Daily):       

    Daily effort at home is expected for students to be successful. 

    A satisfactory homework paper is one that:

              ^  was turned in on time,

              ^  you made the effort to try all the assigned problems,

              ^  you did the problems with the same format that was used in the examples done in class,

              ^  you checked the answers

              ^  you were reasonably neat.

    No credit will be given for work turned in after the chapter test is taken.

    I am available for extra help before/after school in room M222.




    ·        1-2 quizzes per chapter.  You may use your own notes during quizzes.

    ·        1 test per chapter.  If you are absent the day before the test (usually a review day), you will still be required to test on test day with the rest of the class.  If you are absent the day of the test, you must make arrangements to make up the test after school in room M222 or during Tuesday travel day advisement.

    ·        Expect a quiz &/or test each week.  You’ll find that this actually helps you stay focused and up-to-par on a daily basis.

    ·        District Common Summative Assessment – 10% of overall trimester grade.


    Grading Scale:    

    A       90 – 100%

    B       80 – 89%

    C       70 – 79%

    D       60 – 69%

    F       below 60%


    Weighting Scale to determine overall grade:

    70%  Tests

    20%  Quizzes

    10%  District Common Summative Assessment          




    ^  Keep to a minimum 

    ^  A new lesson is covered each day.  You are responsible for making up the material you miss due to absences. 

    ^  Ask for help.  This is your responsibility. I am available at least ½ hour before and after school in my classroom or in the math office.


    Class Expectations:

              *be ATTENTIVE -take notes in class and study them

              *be PREPARED  - stay caught up, have study parties, and review frequently

               *be ENCOURAGING    -be willing to work on challenging problems, be    patient with yourself and other classmates


    Be nice!           Be in class every day.              Respect students, staff/substitute teachers, property.

    Behave in class.                                   Be in desk when bell rings.


    I look forward to working with every single one of you!  With hard work and daily effort, you can and will be successful!  T. J. Manthey