• ____________PAINTING I ____________

               * Painting I is designed for 9-12 grade students and is for beginners through advanced students.



                         * DESIGN:  We will learn how to use the Elements of Art and Principles of Design while creating interesting and successful compositions.

                         COLOR THEORY:  We will design and paint an individualized color wheel and an expressive complementary color design using different hues with                                           various intensities, along with tints, tones, and shades.  We will also learn how color effects our emotions.
                         WATERCOLOR PAINTING:  We will be exploring and practicing a wide variety of watercolor techniques such as wet-on-wet, graded wash, lifting                                           off, dry brush, etc. which will culminate in creating a final watercolor painting. 
                         ACRYLIC PAINTING:  We will be exploring and practicing various acrylic blending techniques such as smooth contour, scumbling, impasto, and                                           glazing, etc. which will culminate by creating a minimum of one acrylic painting.
                        *  PAINTING STYLES:  We will learn and understand different styles of acrylic painting such as realism impressionism, abstract, surrealism, etc.  We                                           will also be learning about contemporary artists that are creating, exhibiting, and selling their own unique artwork TODAY!


    1.        The development of creative and critical thinkers.  Every human being needs to have a creative outlet!

    2.        A working understanding of the visual language.

    3.        An awareness of art as a multi-cultural experience.

    4.        Further development of craft media and techniques.


    1.        Start on time, and make good use of your class time.

    2.        Everyone joins in, and everyone participates.  Share your ideas!

    3.        One speaker at a time, and also be a good listener.

    4.        Treat others the way you wish to be treated.

    5.        HAVE FUN!


          Each assignment will be graded on the following:

                                    1.  Design / Composition:  Does your artwork show an understanding of composition with the use of visual

                                         movement, center of interest, and other qualities of design?

                                    2.  Craftsmanship / Presentation:  Does your artwork show a high level of technical excellence and attention

                                         to detail?                            

                                    3.  Expressive Qualities:  Every assignment will provide an opportunity to make your artistic creation unique

                                         to YOU!  Does your artwork express a mood, energy, or feelings in a unique and engaging way?

                                 A:  Superior work, concepts mastered, uses class time to the fullest, takes risks & attempts difficult challenges.       

                                 B:  Above average work, understands concepts fully, uses class time well.
                                 C:  Average work, understands concepts, does not waste class time. Completes only minimum requirements.
                                 D:  Below average work, does not understand concepts, wastes class time, does not complete minimum requirements. Poor attendance.
                                 F:  Fails to finish projects or doesn’t turn in projects.  Little effort & has several absences.



    1.        Most of the materials needed for your projects will be provided, but if you choose to further enhance your artwork with additional items, you may do      that at your own expense.

    2.        Please do not remove any materials from the art room without permission.  You are to sign them out!

     ABSENCES: In case of absences, students are expected to make up missed work by spending extra time on their projects at home or after school.  Students are                         responsible for seeing me for information and activities missed.



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