*  Jewelry & Craft Design is designed for beginners through advanced students who will explore and combine the following units: FIBERS, METALWORK, MIXED MEDIA JEWELRY, and GLASS.




    Ø  DECORATED PAPERS:  We will be explore creative and unusual ways to decorate papers

                    including marbling, paste papers, stenciling, and much more!


    Ø  ALTERED BOOK:  We will take a hard covered book and alter it in a personal way while turning it into a box

                    with a lid.


    Ø  TEXTURED BRACELET SAMPLER:  We will learn how to create several different textures on metal, learn

                    how to do simple soldering, how to saw metal, and how to bend wire and make your own jump

                    rings to connect the pieces of the bracelet together.


    Ø  HAND CRAFTED BOOK:  We will be using our decorated papers to create a Japanese Stab Binding book.                                      

                    Other basic book binding techniques will also be explored.


    Ø  WIRE JEWELRY:  We will be creating wire rings and bracelets.


    Ø  ROLLED PAPER BEADS:  We will be designing and creating your own unique paper beads and use them

                     to make a necklace or lanyard.


    Ø  CAST SILVER RING:  You will design and create a silver ring using the lost wax process.  This project

                    begins with design work in pencil that is then carved 3 dimensionally out of wax tube.  A mold is          

                    then created from the wax ring, and then melted silver is poured into the mold to create the silver ring.

    Ø  ENAMELING & PIERCING METAL:  We will learn how to saw a hole in metal in combination with the

                    the enameling process of designing, arranging, and melting glass powders.


    Ø POLYMER CLAY OCARINA:  We will learn how to use polymer (fimo) clay, and create an ocarina that

                    actually whistles and plays a tune!.


    Teaching Goals:

    1.        The development of creative and critical thinkers.  Every human being needs to have a creative outlet!

    2.        A working understanding of the visual language – Elements and Principles of Art.

    3.        An awareness of art as a multi-cultural experience.

    4.        Realize that the importance of putting forth your consistent best effort will result in quality artwork.



    1.        Start on time, and make good use of your class time.

    2.        Everyone joins in, and everyone participates.  Share your ideas!

    3.        One speaker at a time, and also be a good listener.

    4.        Treat others the way you wish to be treated.

    5.        HAVE FUN!



          Each assignment will be graded on the following:

                                    1.  Design / Composition:  Does your artwork show an understanding of composition with the use of visual

                                         movement, center of interest, and other qualities of design?

                                    2.  Craftsmanship / Presentation:  Does your artwork show a high level of technical excellence and attention

                                         to detail?  Neatness in cutting, gluing, painting, etc.

                                    3.  Expressive Qualities:  Every assignment will provide an opportunity to make your artistic creation unique

                                         to YOU!  Does your artwork express a mood, energy, or feelings in a unique and engaging way?

                                    4.  Effort:  Your grade will reflect your effort, attitude, and use of class time.

    Ø  A:  Superior work, concepts mastered, uses class time to the fullest, takes risks & attempts difficult challenges. 

    Ø  B:  Above average work, understands concepts fully, uses class time well.

    Ø  C:  Average work, understands concepts, does not waste class time. Completes only minimum requirements.

    Ø  D:  Below average work, does not understand concepts, wastes class time, does not complete minimum requirements. Poor attendance.

    Ø  F:  Fails to finish projects or doesn’t turn in projects.  Little effort & has several absences.



    1.        Most of the materials needed for your projects will be provided, but if you choose to further enhance your artwork with additional items, you may do that at                   your own expense.

    2.        The basket project requires yarn – I have some available, but several students may choose to purchase colors of their choice.

    3.        Please do not remove any materials from the art room without permission.  You are to sign them out!


    Absences:  In case of absences, students are expected to make up missed work by spending extra

                                     time on their projects at home or after school.  Students are responsible for seeing me for

                                     information and activities missed.


    Contact Information:

    Mrs. Diane Gronewold

    Anoka High School

    A 241

    Office Phone: 763-506-6447

    Email:  diane.gronewold@ahschools.us


    Are there specific concerns or things I need to know about your student?  Please email me ASAP!