• Computer Art I Syllabus

    Course Objectives:

    • ·        Learn how to effectively use computer technology in the creation of artwork
    • ·        Understand how the tools of various software programs can be used to create and communicate meaning
    • ·        Develop a personal voice in the creation of artwork


    • ·        Elements of Art and Principles of Design Project
    • ·        Fine Arts Primer
    • ·        Adobe Photoshop Manipulated Effects Project
    • ·        Manipulated Self Portrait Project
    • ·        Logo Design Project
    • ·        Poster Design Project
    • ·        Career Project
    • ·        Other Projects depending on availability of time


    All projects have equal weight. A portfolio (Summative) Grade will be based on an average of the best 4 project grades received during the course of the term.

    Work Expectations:

    • ·        Students are to only use the computer assigned to them.
    • ·        There is to be no computer game playing in class at any time.  All computer use is to be course specific.
    • ·        Careful treatment of the computers and all other equipment is expected
    • ·        No foods or drink is allowed.
    • ·        Screensaver images are not to be changed.
    • ·        Any external devices that are student owned are to be checked out with the instructor before using on the computer
    • ·        All files created are to be saved to the students’ files and not to the desktop
    • ·        Students will save all finished projects as separate PowerPoints which will be put in designated Drop Folders.
    • ·        Students are expected to keep finished projects for burning onto a CD (supplied) at the end of the course. All additional files          created in the making of a project are to be deleted prior to moving on to the next project.