• Drawing III Syllabus – Mr. Nitzberg


    • ·         Explore / investigate the importance of visual communication / literacy
    • ·         Develop greater skill sets through the use of various drawing techniques and media.
    • ·         Utilize the elements of art and the principles of design in the creation of one’s own artwork
    • ·         Depict and communicate a personal voice utilizing a variety of subject matter and artistic disciplines.
    • ·         Develop an understanding of visual meaning through analyzing and creating and writing about art.
    • ·         View and create artworks based on other cultures and the aesthetics that are employed in the artwork.
    • ·         Create an online research collection that provides visual information providing greater depth in the creation of one’s own art.

    Drawing Projects

    • ·         Contour Line Composition (utilization of specific line technique)
    • ·         Gesture Line Composition (utilization of specific line technique)
    • ·         Still Life Composition (drawing from close-up observation)
    • ·         Interior Perspective Drawing (observational drawing showing proportional size relationships going back into space)
    • ·         Figure Drawing (observational drawing emphasizing scale, foreshortening  and human proportion)
    • ·         Drawing from Nature (environmental nature study that may be from observation or other resources)
    • ·         Graphic Novel Composition (narrative drawing showing sequenced images in a layout format)
    • ·         Drawing from Imagination (composition emphasizing the student’s own creative process and interpretation of subject          matter)
    • ·         Altered Art History Composition (drawing that takes a known art work and transforms it into some other image that has a          metaphorical component based on the alteration that may or may not be associated with the original intent of the work)
    • ·         African Art Inspired Composition (when combined with World History class)

    Additional Coursework

    • ·         Creation of a digital portfolio of completed artwork
    • ·         Completion of packet based on field trip
    • ·         Summative Final Assessment Statement / Portfolio
    • ·         Online research collection using ArtsConnectEd’s Art Collector
    • ·         Class critiques


    • ·         Self-selected drawing media that are in line with the assignment
    • ·          18” x24” paper (varied types) for finished drawings
    • ·         Sketchbooks for preliminary drawings


    • ·         Pre-sketches of assignments in sketchbook (formative assessments)
    • ·         Completed drawing assignments (summative assessments)
    • ·         Additional Assignments (field trip packet / digital portfolio)
    • ·         Final Grade: Portfolio based on Summative Assessment Scoring

    Areas Covered from MN Art Standards

    • ·         Form and Composition
    • ·         Craftsmanship and Presentation
    • ·         Process and Problem Solving
    • ·         Expressive Qualities
    • ·         Visual Research, Inquiry and Analysis