• Drawing I Syllabus – Mr. Nitzberg


    Drawing Projects                                             Medium


    ·        Negative Space Composition                              Marker

    ·        3D Negative Space Composition                         Chalk Pastel

    ·        3D Shape Composition                                      Chalk Pastel or Oil Pastel

    ·        Gridded Self Portrait                                        Pencil

    ·        Emotive Self Portrait                                        Open

    ·        Native American Informed Composition:              Color Pencil or Oil Pastel

    Metamorphosis / Composite Pattern

    ·        Pen and Ink Compositions                                   Medium Black Ballpoint


    Students need to bring in erasers. All other material supplied


    Text Packet Assignment - based on ArtTalk text by Rosalind Ragan


    Additional Teaching Resources:

    ·        Masters of Illusion Video

    ·        Chuck Close Up Close DVD


    Grading –

    ·        Individual project grades

    ·        Final Grade: Portfolio based on Cumulative Summative Assessment Scoring


    Criteria From MN State Art Standards Being Met:

    ·        Understanding Form and Composition

    ·        Utilization of Craftsmanship and Presentation

    ·        Development of Personal Voice through use of Expressive Qualities